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Embark on a private-jet expedition curated by Aman experts to some of the globe’s most intriguing destinations. Touch down amid the sanctuary-like temples and Suntory distilleries of Japan. Fly onwards to South-east Asia’s ancient towns and jungle-backed beaches. Seek peace amid spiritual peaks and tiger-rich reserves of the Himalayas. With a limited number of up to 18 spaces available, guests can join an unforgettable round-the-world private jet expedition, staying at a selection of Aman exclusive properties, where authentic experiences, unique cultural highlights and exquisite local cuisines come guaranteed. 

Custom Itineraries: We’ll tap into our network of on-the-ground experts to stuff your vacation with experiences you didn’t even realize were possible—including on-site access not available to the general public.

We could tell you all about how we infuse every trip we plan with incredible excursions (the kinds not found in the guidebooks), best-in-class properties, and a bit of Opulent Explorer magic . . . but we’d rather show you.

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