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Signature Planning Process

At The Opulent Explorer, we connect you to travel experiences that take you way past the tourist fluff, so you see your destination the way locals do. Plus, we take a creative approach to planning your travel; we’re dedicated to—you could even say stubborn about—getting you exactly what you want.

Speaking of you, that’s exactly where we start. Your passions, interests, tastes, and tics are the foundation of our Signature Planning Process. No two travelers are alike and The Opulent Explorer believes there is no room in luxury travel for a one-product-fits-all approach. Experience your destination like a local, knowing it was vetted by on-the-ground experts and a Virtuoso Travel Advisor. 

Our volume of business, direct relationships with suppliers, and affiliation with Virtuoso and Elite memberships (including Marriott STARS & Luminous, Hyatt Privé, Accor, Belmond Bellini Club, and others) puts you out in front. Every hotel says, “Upgrade on arrival (subject to availability).” But as Marriott STARS & Luminous execs say, “Someone has to be on the top of the list and, for us, that someone is the client of a STARS & Luminous advisor. There is no higher level.” Our affiliations with the best-of-the-best in luxury travel resources put you at the top of the list, everywhere and every time. See all our brand memberships here.

Taste wine with the winemakers. Cook local delicacies with professional cooks. See (and make!) art with artists. Get the inside-take on your destination from the insiders themselves.

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A HEADS UP…we charge a fee – At the end of our consult, we will quote our fee if it seems we are a good fit to move forward. Need a little more info before our consult… Information on our Fee and why DIY travel planning is expensive!

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