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How to Follow Up the Trip of a Lifetime?

Our photos from this trip. We have been where you are going next!

How do you follow up a trip as extraordinary as a safari?

In keeping with “we have been where you are going next in luxury travel,” Amira and I returned from Tanzania in October 2022. This was her first safari and my third safari. (I’ve also been on safari in South Africa and Zambia/Zimbabwe.) We are safari specialists and specialists in Africa, generally. I myself have visited the continent seven times. A very common question we are asked is, “How do you follow the trip of a lifetime?” Since many regard a safari as the trip of a lifetime, I have a few things to say.

Most travelers go on their first safari for the animals and return, as I have, for the people. Couple that with the many types of safari we outline in our Vodcasts and you have an experience akin to seeing your favorite band through the years at different venues and at different times in your/their lives. Each safari experience is remarkably different. Witnessing the great migration was nothing like my previous trips to camps in South Africa. And, likewise, exploring the Okavango Delta in Botswana will be nothing like my experience seeing Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe).

All that said, the safari experience is just one trip of a lifetime. However, it won’t be your only safari, nor will it be your only trip of a lifetime. Below is one such a trip and it happens to also be the inspiration for our name. It is a worthy answer to the question “How do you follow up the trip of a lifetime?”

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