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South America’s Safari Companion – Presenting Explora Lodges

Explora Torres del Paine Patagonia

Explora’s unique journeys are a first cousin to Safari experiences in Africa. Explora allows you to fully immerse yourself in seven remote locations across South America, ensuring an authentic experience from beginning to end. Our unforgettable experience with Explora in Patagonia inspired us to name our company, The Opulent Explorer.

With three decades of experience, Explora has accumulated the knowledge to lead you through the most remarkable exploration opportunities in each area, guaranteeing that your travels are nothing short of extraordinary. All-inclusive services are provided throughout the entirety of your experience. An Opulent Explorer Exclusive Vodcast ™️

Capturing Moments Beyond Words: A Visual Feast in Every Frame – You Have to See This Vodcast to Believe It!

Explora Lodges – an Opulent Explorer exclusive vodcast series

Further vodcast episodes on their properties in Torres del Paine, El Chalten, Patagonia National Park (Chile), Easter Island and a culinary episode are all available by clicking the vodcast image below.

Amira Bixby has been to Patagonia National Park and I have been to Explora Torres del Paine. In the next few months, I’ll embark on Explora’s Travesia—an incredible journey from the Atacama Desert in Chile, traversing the Andes, and reaching their mountain retreats in Bolivia.

Stay connected for insights into world-class experiences and leverage our firsthand knowledge. While booking travel is within everyone’s reach, optimizing the experience takes a professional who has been where you are going next. Travelers don’t want more choices; they want confidence in the choices they make! That is our value proposition!

Explora Lodges – an Opulent Explorer exclusive vodcast series
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