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Wake Surfing in Panama: Riding Pacific Waves in Luxury

The Opulent Explorer wave surfing in Panama

Sunrise over the pristine beaches of Panama, the horizon paints a silhouette of the Pacific’s gentle waves, and I feel the salty breeze as I gear up for a day of wake surfing. Gone from the city’s hum, I’ve found a paradise in Panama, merging the thrill of wake surfing in the vast Pacific with the opulence of an ultraluxe safari lodge set on a pacific archipelago.

Unveiling Egypt’s Hidden Treasures: My Private Guided Tour Experience

karnak temple - Luxor Egypt

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is a destination that most travelers have on their bucket list. And why wouldn’t they? With its golden sands, millennia-old pyramids, and the alluring River Nile, it’s a country that boasts a wealth of ancient wonders and stories. But on my recent trip, I discovered a different kind of experience that left me truly mesmerized: Private Guided Tours of Egypt’s Museums.