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Cuisine at Explora Lodges

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At Explora, gastronomy becomes an opportunity to discover the territory through its ingredients, flavors and culinary traditions. Our gastronomical offering emphasizes fresh local products, highlighting the gaucho legacy.

The Explora gastronomic experience in the Sacred Valley of the incas and Explora Atacama was developed exclusively by the renowned Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, owner of the world’s number one restaurant in the world, according to The World’s Best Restaurants 2023 ranking (I was there – pictured).

The cuisine is inspired by the Andes and its diversity of products, ingredients and traditions. Through it, we want each of our travelers to deeply connect with the territory we inhabit and live a unique gastronomic experience in the Valley.

Inspired by the Atacama Desert, cuisine includes local and native ingredients such as chañar and cachiyuyo to explore the Andean region’s unique flavors.

Explora’s unique journeys are a first cousin to Safari experiences in Africa. Explora allows you to fully immerse yourself in sevens remote locations across South America, ensuring an authentic experience from beginning to end. Our unforgettable experience with Explora in Patagonia inspired us to name our company The Opulent Explorer.

Central restaurant Lima- the worlds number ONE 2023 - The Opulent Explorer
Central Restaurant Lima – A lifetime of experiences through my lens. Travel photography © Stuart Marra
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