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Explora Lodges: Patagonia National Park – Chile

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Situated in an exclusive location, the Explora lodge presents an intimate and secluded ambiance within this Patagonian region. Here, you can unwind and explore the diverse hills and valleys. The lodge is an integral part of a sustainability initiative, constructed using locally sourced stones from quarries, repurposed wood, and copper for the roofs.

Crafted by Douglas and Kristine Tompkins, the Patagonia National Park stands as an undiscovered treasure radiating an intimate, tranquil, and remote vibe. Here, nature thrives in its most vibrant and flourishing state, captivating guests with unspoiled landscapes and remarkable wildlife. Nestled in the core of Chile’s Carretera Austral, our lodge offers an unparalleled experience of bonding with the natural world.

In an area scarcely ventured, boasting majestic mountains, Chile’s swiftest-flowing rivers, and lakes exhibiting unique hues and pristine clarity, the array and multitude of explorations are virtually limitless.

Explora’s unique journeys are a first cousin to Safari experiences in Africa. Explora allows you to fully immerse yourself in sevens remote locations across South America, ensuring an authentic experience from beginning to end. Our unforgettable experience with Explora in Patagonia inspired us to name our company The Opulent Explorer.

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