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Unforgettable Australian Adventure: From Sydney to the Great Ocean Road

A lifetime of experiences through my lens. Travel photography © Stuart Marra

Try and define ‘the opportunity of a lifetime.’ It’s not an easy feat unless you just landed in Australia, with a seven-and-a-half-week adventure ahead of you and your significant other with you the whole way. Sydney, a city bustling with activities both within and beyond its borders, served as our home base. From here, we embarked on a series of two-week-long adventures, exploring the vast landscapes of Australia and New Zealand.

The first leg of our journey took us to the stunning Kangaroo Island. The experience here was so unique and reminiscent of a South African Safari. From the wildlife encounters to the serene landscapes, it felt as if we were traversing the African plains. Following this was our stay at the Lodge country estate in Barossa Valley, an experience I’ve detailed in my newsletter. This part of the trip brought to mind the Cape Winelands outside Cape Town. We enjoyed a blend of a safari experience on Kangaroo Island and a sophisticated wine-tasting adventure in Barossa Valley, similar to a South African itinerary we recommend to our clients.

The journey took a thrilling turn as we drove from Barossa Valley to Melbourne. This three-night journey along the Great Ocean Road was nothing short of spectacular. Having driven some of the world’s most epic routes – from the Amalfi Coast, Cape Peninsula in South Africa, Pacific Coast Highway in California, the French Riviera, to the scenic routes of Marrakesh and New Zealand’s South Island – I can confidently say the Great Ocean Road ranks among the top.

The drive was an immersive experience into Australia’s coastal beauty. We stayed at charming inns, explored quaint shops and restaurants, and marveled at the stunning landscapes. One of the most memorable sights was observing koalas, almost upside down, intoxicated by eucalyptus leaves. These moments of passing under slumbering koalas, while contemplating their safety and the road’s proximity to the ocean, added a unique perspective to our adventure.

This Australian adventure was a tapestry of unique experiences – from the urban exploration in Sydney, the wild beauty of Kangaroo Island, the exquisite wines of Barossa Valley, to the breathtaking drive along the Great Ocean Road. Each moment was a chapter in a story of discovery, wonder, and unforgettable memories.

The Opulent Explorer on the great ocean road australia
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