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Introducing The Opulent Explorer
A Modern Luxury Travel Agency

I am Stuart Marra, founder of The Opulent Explorer and luxury travel expert.

The travel bug bit me in 1998 while I was crossing the Pacific Ocean during a college Semester at Sea.

Since then, with both family and friends, I have traveled to sixty different countries (and have run out of passport pages twice).

I’ve scaled the ancient Great Pyramids in Egypt, sipped Pinotage in Franschhoek, toured Pablo Escobar’s Medellin prison with a former gang member, and faked my way through a dozen different languages (with the help of Google Translate).

I now leverage this experience to bring you the absolute epitome of luxury travel.

So, why was The Opulent Explorer founded?

Because, after roaming all seven continents, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for exceptional luxury travel.

I know that our clients are time-starved successful professionals, who don’t have enough hours in the day to put together the kind of exceptional vacations they deserve . . . and that’s where we come in.

Save your energy for hiking Machu Picchu.
Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!
We’ve been where you are going next!

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Avoid a DIY Travel Nightmare

Crowdsourcing advice to plan your vacation is how you get stuck in a leaky condo unit that’s two miles from the beach. For “Debbie178” on the internet, that might be paradise—but to you, that just spells DIY disappointment. At The Opulent Explorer, we are here to do the legwork to ensure your vacation experience is perfect every time.

How long does it take for a time-starved successful professional to plan a trip?

Hours . . . days . . . weeks?

Have you ever done all that work only to travel, return home, and then hear of a secret museum or local’s favorite place to eat or the perfect hotel that you missed because you didn’t know about it beforehand?

Save yourself from missing out by having a lux travel expert guide you to the best spots!

We’re destination specialists with an expertise in YOU!

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Get Perks and Upgrades

You might say, “Even though we had ‘the best’ travel credit cards we never got upgrades, perks, or service worth writing home about!”

We founded the Opulent Explorer to bring exceptional service back to luxury travel and to get you the kinds of amenities the loyalty programs promise (but fail to deliver).

Our volume of business, direct relationships with suppliers, affiliation with Virtuoso & Elite memberships (including Marriott STARS & Luminous, Hyatt Privé, Accor, and Belmond Bellini Club) means that you will be at the front of the line to receive the upgrades that will make your trip shine.  See all of our membership brands here.

Have more questions?  Ask the luxury travel experts!

What is Virtuoso?

best reviewed luxury travel agent
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Explore Deeper

Chances are, wherever you want to go, we’ve already been there!

You’ll get our personal recommendations on what to see, do, buy, and (of course) eat.

Plus, we leverage our partnerships with on-the-ground travel suppliers to bring you experiences you can’t find anywhere else, no matter how many Google tabs you open up. 

See our Luxury Travel Magazine for more information.

Meet our partners.

Travel the Opulent Explorer Way

We could tell you all about how we infuse every trip we plan with incredible excursions (the kinds not found in the guidebooks), best-of-class properties, and a bit of Opulent Explorer magic. But we’d rather show you instead. Explore our immersive sample itineraries, below:

* Video footage shot by The Opulent Explorer on our travels *

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