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Virtuoso Wanderlist® is an impressive platform that is designed to inspire travelers with its carefully curated range of brands and experiences. It offers a wide selection of Wanderlists created by Preferred Partners, as well as the option to create your own Wanderlist showcasing the best travel experiences. By utilizing Wanderlist, you can save a lot of time and gain insights into your travel desires. You can also enhance your travel portfolio with the guidance of The Opulent Explorer, your luxury travel expert.

ultraluxe travel advisor - The Opulent Explorer


These over-the-top hotel stays, epic expedition cruises, and otherworldly adventures are pure trip-of-a-lifetime material. Dream vacations look different to everyone, but no matter what your travel style, some experiences will always elicit that big wow. We call these trips ultra-luxe – they’re the thrill-packed itineraries to the farthest corners of the globe, the romantic private island getaways, and the unbelievable and meaningful African safaris. Get inspired by this list of ideas from Virtuoso hotels, cruise lines, and travel companies specializing in ultraluxe travel. When you’re ready to go big, The Opulent Explorer, a Virtuoso Ultraluxe member, can help make it happen.

Cruising reimagined

Don’t go on a cruise; go on a journey. Personally, I love the sea. One of my favorite travel experiences was circumnavigating the globe in 100 days starting in Vancouver and heading west. For 2 weeks we saw nothing but the open ocean and the tail end of 2 cyclones. It was a unique and exhilarating experience. But I don’t think much of cruises, and nor do my clients or peers. The world is ready to move on from this dated model to a new era of ocean-going experiences. Welcome to cruising reimagined in the 21st century.

people on a cruise
animal in a satchel in south america

South America Faves

The Opulent Explorer proudly boasts, “we’ve been where you are going next,” and when it comes to South & Central America truer words have never been written. We’ll tap into our network of on-the-ground experts to stuff your vacation with experiences you didn’t even realize were possible—including on-site access not available to the general public. Experience your destination like a local knowing it was vetted by a local and an experienced Virtuoso Travel Advisor in South & Central America!

Culinary Community – The Opulent Explorer

30 Culinary travel experiences not to be missed: For travelers looking to make food the central experience of their trip, The Opulent Explorer is here to help navigate the world of culinary experiences with a centralized Culinary travel dream board. A journey begins with inspiration – Wanderlist

chef preparing food
Amira Bixby and I in Tanzania


Having embarked on three captivating safari adventures myself, I intimately understand the intricacies of crafting an unforgettable wildlife journey. Beyond being a seasoned traveler, I also stand as a professional photographer, a skill that seamlessly intertwines with my safari specialization. I extend to my clients the unique advantage of complimentary pre-safari photography lessons and ongoing support, ensuring they are well-equipped to capture every awe-inspiring moment during their expedition.


Our expertise extends far beyond Asia’s enchanting cities and historic temples; it encompasses a profound understanding of the region’s diverse cultures, traditions, and hidden gems. Whether you’re seeking to bask in the tranquility of a secluded island retreat, traverse the bustling streets of vibrant metropolises, or delve into the serenity of ancient temples, we curate unparalleled journeys that seamlessly blend lavish comfort with authentic encounters.

Bhutan temple
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Hotel Wanderlist

Dive into a world of refined indulgence with the luxury hotels that have captured our discerning gaze and welcomed us into their sumptuous embrace. Each establishment we recommend has been carefully selected for its exceptional elegance and unmatched service, a result of our own nights spent cocooned in their beds. We believe that the true essence of a luxury stay lies beyond the grand facades and lavish amenities – it resides in the stories exchanged with gracious staff, the flawless attention to detail, and the intangible moments that shape lifelong memories.

wanderlist by country
australia wanderlist
New Zealand Wanderlist
The Nautilus aerial view sunset
the northern lights
Stuart Marra in Antarctica
Adventurous Man at Godafoss, Iceland in Winter
volcano hawaii
My son and I at a Caribbean resort
Stuart Marra in St barth - The Opulent Explorer
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